Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas delivered the following remarks to retiring Police Chief David J. Mara during the June 2, 2015 meeting of the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  ~Publis On behalf of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen we want to thank you for your service to the City of Manchester.

I know if I asked you why all these folks are here you would tell me to see the nomination of your friend Assistant Chief Willard and not because of you.  And that is very telling because that is who you are – you have never been one to take credit when credit is due.

You are always going out of your way to recognize others and offer recognition.  Every time there is an officer swearing in you make it personal and go out of your way to show each new officer your interest in their success as an officer here in Manchester, but also in their day to day lives.  You have done a remarkable job shaping the Manchester PD into the modern policing force it is today and we all thank you for that.

This evening Chief it’s our turn to honor you.  I saw a picture of you a few weeks ago, and a few other officers, playing a pick-up basketball game at Beech Street School with a group of inner-city kids.  When you became Chief you told this board that Community Policing was most important and that the relationship an officer has with the citizens of our city is paramount.  You also told us that the relationship an officer has with city youth can be life-changing for that youth – and the officer.

You have made it your personal mission to foster lasting relationships in this city between the police department and the community.  Without a doubt this has made our community stronger.

I hope you know that all over this city, on every street, in every neighborhood in every school there is a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the men and women of the Manchester police force because of your leadership.  I also hope you know that the same respect and admiration is also held towards you personally as the Chief of the Manchester Police.

You have always been a friend to all of us.  We thank you and wish you the greatest success in your retirement.

With that I have a resolution.

City of Manchester.

A Resolution.

Be it known that the Office of the Mayor extends its gratitude to, Chief David J. Mara.  In recognition of over 28 years of service to the City of Manchester.  And be it further known that the Office of the Mayor extends its best wishes for continued success.  And that this resolution be duly signed by the Mayor of Manchester, Theodore L. Gatsas and Attested to by Matthew Normand on this day June 2, 2015.