(Hour 3b&c)

Sid Glassner

Sid Glassner

Sid Glassner, senior fellow of the New England Society for Education, joined us this morning for Is Our Children Learning to discuss the subject of what is known as blended learning, a combination of classroom, and on line instruction.

Will this approach actually improve the educational experience of the students?

What, if any evidence exists to suggest that this is an effective solution.

Sid raises a very good point in that we have never had a good conversation regarding technology, and it’s use in the classroom.

Standards in science education will probably never be agreed upon, as theories change and are modified with the passage of time.

Sid informs us that the next generation science standards were generated by the National Research Council, which bases some of it’s conclusions on weak, non existent evidence.

Is this intellectually dishonest approach education, or indoctrination!  Listen in, and decide for yourself.