(Hour 1a&b)

President Obama

President Obama

In a TELL ALL edition of Girard At Large, Mr. Girard himself gave us a glimpse of his personal life by sharing his morning routine and how it was a distraction for him this morning!

Well, Washington did it again.  It turns out that they had to change things around to make Obamacare work again.  In this not-local-news-but-still-locally-pertaining archive Rich detailed some of the changes that were put into place in order to keep Obamacare up and and running.

Our Loyal Listener Harriet Cady chimed in and helped out by sharing her opinion on the matter.  Tune in to hear their discussion!

(Hour 1b) In the second part of this archive Rich continued where the last segment left off.  What is Senator Kelly Ayotte doing with all of this going on?  Well don’t you worry, Rich will inform you.  We also got a brief history lesson.