This morning Ann Marie Bannfield joined us for today’s segment of Inside Education.  She started off the show detailing how the show is going to look and moved on to the topic of competency based education.  Listen in for more!

In the second segment, Ann Marie introduced her guest:  Heidi Sampson.  Heidi is a member of the Maine State Board of Education and she came onto the show to chime in on competency based education.  Heidi is dealing with a lot of the same issues in Maine as we are here in New Hampshire.  She took this time to share with us some of the concerns that are driving her.

In the third, and final, segment Ann Marie gave us some specific examples of how the curriculum is changing.  The competency based education route of learning is more of a way of getting your children to change their beliefs on a particular topic.  In this segment Ann Marie asked Heidi to explain what the problem with competency based education is.  Also, Heidi told us about how Maine is moving away from the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Tune in to hear more!