Sid GlassnerPart 1: Glassner on Free Lunches in Public Schools

Sid was back behind the microphone this week and he started out strong! He opened the show discussing the startling numbers of children attending public schools that qualify for reduced or free lunches because they live under the poverty line.

Numbers that should concern every American.

Part 2, 3: Don Perl on Buying & Selling of Public Education

Don Perl, who teaches in the Hispanic Studies Department at the University of Northern Colorado, calls in today to discuss how standardized testing has taken on a “corporate” feel with the buying and selling of education. Don talks about his experience of being suspended without pay because he refused to administer a test to his students…. and how he was shunned by his colleagues.

We continue with Don about how to take control of the “runaway capitalism” that is happening in education. Teachers are educational leaders and parents need to know they can make a difference for their children’s education. For more information, go to