(Hour 3a,b&c) Mayor Ted GatsasThis morning the Mayor joined us for our weekly visit.  He began the segment by discussing the mayoral race and his part in it.  Rich asked him if he, as the sitting mayor, is going to continue to knock on doors, as he did in times past.  He also talked with his Talk with Ted event that will be taking place tonight.  The Mayor re-emphasized his stance on drug care after presenting us with some recent drug related news.

(Hour 3b) Rich started the second segment by asking the Mayor about the most recent school board meeting.  Rich wondered if having cameras in the room is having a negative impact.  He also brought up the amount of time that it sometimes takes for the districts to respond to requests.  Rich inquired about the teacher’s contracts.

(Hour 3c) Rich started the segment off by remembering Alderman Thibault, before he asked the Mayor about the school lunch issue.  Rich switched gears and discussed the Elderly Services Director position at the Senior Center.  Finally, Rich asked him about zoning board issues.  Tune in to hear more.