The races are now set

The races are now set

Several races gained new candidates as the final day of the two week Manchester city election filing period came to a close.  The day brought unexpected filings and non-filings from across the city; from the no-named to the famed to the insiders, setting up some potentially competitive races for both the primary and general elections.

For mayor, perennial candidate Glenn RJ Ouellette filed yet again, raising the candidate count in that race to five.

Ward 12 State Rep. Carlos Gonzalez filed for welfare commissioner less than half an hour before the filing period closed.  Welfare Commissioner Paul Martineau defeated Gonzalez in 2001.

Devin Noiseux-Varrieur and Pierre Cetoute added their names to the ballot for alderman at-Large.  Noiseux-Varrier ran for state rep. in Ward 7 last year.  Cetoute is a Hatian immigrant.

Ward 1 now has two primaries.  In the already crowded race for alderman, Kevin Cavanaugh tossed his hat into the ring.  Kevin McCue, a member of both the planning and zoning boards, filed for school board, creating a primary.  Just two days ago, incumbent Sarah Ambrogi was the only person on the ballot.

In one of the day’s biggest surprises, businessman and commercial property owner Bernard “Ben” Gamache filed for school board, as did immigrant activist Mary Ngwanda Georges.  Their filings being the second and third in that race created a primary

Ward 4 saw several surprises.  Incumbent Alderman Jim Roy did not file for reelection.  At the time of publication, Roy had not returned our calls requesting comment.  Stephen Mathieu, a well known, successful, local financial services business owner, unexpectedly filed for alderman, creating a primary.  Richard DP Martin∫ withdrew his candidacy for school board in the ward, leaving the primary with three candidates.

Jeremy S. Dobson joined the race for school board in Ward 5.

In Ward 6, Karen Ladd, a member of the National Education Association-NH Executive Board, entered the race for alderman, meaning there will be a primary there, too.

Brian Cole filed to challenge Ward 7 Alderman Bill Shea.  Incumbent school board member Ross Terrio picked up two challengers today as well.  Maria Brown, who has been very vocal at school board meetings in recent weeks, complaining about how the district has threatened the school choice options her was granted and claiming the district tried to impose a gag order on her to maintain her childrens’ current school under the choice program filed her candidacy as did Ward Moderator Wendy Garrity.

There will be a primary for alderman in Ward 11 as Albert Evarts became the third candidate in the race.

Former Ward Twelve School Committeeman Roger Beauchamp, who vacated the seat two years ago to run against Alderman Keith Hirschmann, losing by a mere dozen votes, filed, as expected, to regain the school board seat, creating another primary.

Citywide races that will appear on all ward ballots in the September 15th primary include:

  • Mayor
  • Welfare Commissioner
  • Alderman at-Large

Ward races that will appear on the ballot in the September 15th primary include:

  • Ward 1:  Alderman and Board of School Committee
  • Ward 3:  Board of School Committee
  • Ward 4:  Alderman and Board of School Committee
  • Ward 6:  Alderman and Board of School Committee
  • Ward 7:  Board of School Committee
  • Ward 10:  Alderman
  • Ward 11:  Alderman
  • Ward 12:  Alderman and Board of School Committee

Click here for the final listing of candidate filings.