(Hours 1a,b,2a&3a)

Barbara Shaw

Barbara Shaw

Rich shared the show schedule.  He also shared some of the good and the bad about the meeting of the Board of Mayor and Alderman, with special mentions of Ron Ludwig and Barbra Shaw.  Tune in to hear more about it.

(Hour 1b) Rich discussed the contract and shared some areas that he couldn’t get over.  Our loyal listener Patrice called in to chime in.  Rich went into days past to help make his point about the teacher’s contract.

(Hour 2a) Rich told us about large worker’s comp bills.  Mayor Gatsas was making steps to save the money, but these steps did not bode well with the entire board.  Rich shared about different services that were discussed.

(Hour 3a) “You just can’t overlook the impact that deal would have had on the rest of the city’s negotiations,” Rich said.  He went more into detail about the repercussions of the deal during this segment.