(Hour 3a) Donna Green and Cindy BucoRich invited Cindy Buco of the Sandown Withdrawal Committee and Donna Green of the Timberlane Regional School District onto the show to give our listeners an update on what’s going on.  Rich started off his dialog with Cindy by asking about Rob Collins, the Sandown Board of Selectmen and the cost to leave the Timberlane Regional School District.

(Hour 3b) Cindy continued with us to discuss ongoing plans within her new withdrawal plan for Sandown.  Rich asked her about her role and inquired about moves that the committee can make.  Finally, Donna was introduced to the conversation.

(Hour 3c) Rich entered into the final segment by asking Donna about the massive budget surplus.  They went more into detail about the budget and discussed the difficulty with having regional school districts.  Rich asked her about the ongoing Right to Know battles, attempts to have Josh Horns removed and more.