Gibson:  "Elections expert"

Gibson: “Election expert”

While C. Robert Gibson is awaiting his trial here in NH for two felony counts of voter suppression I thought it would be a hoot to read up on his opinion of the way young Democrats vote. Carl is a prolific writer for left wing blogs. I suppose that is what pays the bills for his apartments on Center St. in Concord NH and 244 Lakeland Place, Madison Wis. where he was last arrested?

Here is his “Open Letter” to young Democrats – of which he is not one in NH.

(Carl registered to vote in NH in 2012 as a Republican but was registered as a Dem in Ct. Wis. and Ky., as a Democrat – all at the same time. CNHT contacted those estates to have him removed for any upcoming elections.)

Here is the wisdom of a Democrat political activist indicted in NH for vote suppression:

And a quote from the Carl Robert Gibson article:

“The few of us who did show up to vote largely did it to support state ballot initiatives that actually mattered in our daily lives. We still voted to raise the minimum wage in 4 states to a slightly more respectable amount, and to $15 an hour in San Francisco. We voted for a week of paid sick days in Massachusetts, and for marijuana legalization in three more states (okay, well, DC isn’t a state yet, but it definitely will be by the time we’re grandparents). We voted to turn nonviolent drug offenses from felonies into misdemeanors in California. We even boosted high voter turnout in Michigan for Gary Peters, a Democrat who made climate change – something we’ll have to confront long after the boomers are gone – his top issue. We just didn’t vote for Democrats who haven’t done anything for us since we voted for them in 2012, and who brazenly took our votes for granted this year.”

I guess when Carl says “we” voted in all these different states – I guess he meant it literally!

(Trial date should be late November early December.)

Ed Naile 1~Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers and anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud on Girard a Large.