(Hours 2a,b,c) Rich and his dadRich introduced his next guest Rich Girard, who is a retired Southside Middle School principal and our Humble Host’s father.  Rich came on the show to talk about kids and the heroin epidemic.  They discussed how schools should be called on, if at all, to deal with the raging drug issue that is going on.  He shared how the drug problem was handled in the past.  He then talked about educating parents and community involvement.


(Hour 2b) Rich asked his father about the results from the drug programs that were put into place while he was at Southside Middle School.  He talked about the merits of the preventative program.  They discussed Mayor Gatsas’ Not Even Once program before they hit on the heroin presentation.  They ended the segment by talking about parental involvement in the matter.

(Hour 2c) Rich started the final segment with his father by asking him about the Heroin Presentation which was put together by Chris Hickey of the Manchester Fire Department (Click here for the Heroin Presentation and click here for our interview with Hickey).  Rich answered questions about the merits of the statistics, scare tactics, surveys and more.  Tune in to learn more about it.