(Hours 1a,b) John AvardRich talked to us about last night’s Manchester School Board meeting.  He shared some of the highlights before he talked about the attempt to get up to speed on School Board matters.  He talked to us about the policy manual that he requested and shared about John Avard’s resistance to the passing out of a hard copy of said manual.  He also talked about plans for a hotel project on the Bedford Street parking lot.



(Hour 1b) Rich continued with his conversation about last night’s meeting and the push-back that he is getting over the physical policy manual.  He wondered about Avard’s authenticity in trying to save taxpayer dollars while he is taking taxpayer-funded health benefits and reminded us about Superintendent Debra Livingston’s denial in having the policy manuals.  He also talked about policies that were pushed through by the coordination committee.  Tune in to hear more.