(Hours 1b,c,2a,b) Eva Castillo-TurgeonSpecial Guest Host Dr. Jeff Czarnec and his sidekick Fred the Intern talked to us about immigration issues this morning.  The Doctor invited Eva Castillo-Turgeon to jump on the air a segment early.  They discussed immigration law, border protection, jobs and more.

(Hour 1c) We continued with Eva Castillo-Turgeon for The Ins and Outs of Immigration.  They talked to us about Donald Trump and what white nationalist leader David Duke said about him.  They discussed poor apartment conditions for immigrants and we heard about a time where Eva met GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio.  They mentioned San Bernadino and spoke about how to handle the looming threat of terrorism.


(Hour 2a) Eva joined us for a third segment and talked to us about her role as the police commissioner.  She told us about how she got involved with it and gave us a look at immigration from the perspective.  The Doctor shared with us about times past and we heard more from Eva about the police department.


(Hour 2b) The Doctor asked Eva about her coalition and about how to get involved.  She told us about the lack of participation in important matters and shared about our good fortune in living in this great state.  We heard about the state of the Manchester Police Department from decades ago.  They talked about public officials and discussed the cost, financial and otherwise, behind the positions.