(Hours 1a,b) LivingstonRich gave us a rundown of today’s show calendar.  He spoke about last nights Manchester School Board meeting.  He told us about a deal from Mayor Gatsas concerning healthcare plans.  He talked to us about the Charter and pointed out that it is state law.  He spoke about the teacher’s contract, wondering how it will affect both the school budget and the tax cap.



(Hour 1b) We continued on the topic of last night’s Manchester School Board meeting.  Rich talked about what Deb Livingston had to say about the zeroes that were handed out with the Smarter Balanced Assessment scores.  Jon DiPietro jumped in and shared his frustration with what’s going on in the Manchester School District.  They talked about parents rights in the schools.  Tune in to hear all about it.

Click here for more information about House Bill 1338.