(Hours 3a,b,c) Mayor Ted GatsasRich and Mayor Ted Gatsas discussed some pressing issues within the Queen City.  The topics are listed below:

  • If the Mayor is Worried about the Upcoming Budget
  • The Weather’s Impact on the Budget
  • City Awareness and Enforcement of Car Parking Schedule
  • One Way Signs on President Road
  • Manchester’s Road Maintenance Efforts
  • Mayor’s Utility Coordinating Committee

(Hour 3b) As Rich and the Mayor continued into their second segment, the conversation hit on the following subjects:

  • How Long It Takes for Police to Organize Roundups
  • Financial Appropriation for Opioid Epidemic
  • Necessary Steps to Take to Combat the Epidemic
  • Funds Designated for Treatment Facilities
  • Dangers for Emergency Responders

(Hour 3c) In the final segment with Mayor Ted Gatsas, he and Rich talked about:

  • Community Calls Concerning Opioid Crisis
  • Progress with C.A. Hoitt facility
  • Safe Stations Impact in Manchester
  • Good Samaritan Bill
  • Creating an Anti-Drug Climate in Manchester
  • Manchester’s Economy