(Hour 3b&c)

Mayor Ted Gatsas

Mayor Ted Gatsas


In the first segment with Mayor Ted Gatsas, he began by welcoming the newly elected Tony Sapienza to the Board of Aldermen.  He continues with an expression of appreciation for the local unions apparent willingness to come to the table and negotiate contracts.

Mayor Gatsas expresses his desire to seek “common understanding,” as well as his view that the city needs to get a better handle on health care costs.

Finally, Armond from Manchester calls in with questions regarding who will pay for the Trestle repair at the Kelley Street Bridge.

In our second segment with they Mayor, he discusses his opinion of the Lunch Pilot program at Parker Varney School, an attempt to get kids to finish their lunches, and reduce waste.  School Board member Arthur Beaudry expresses his concern that the proposal may result in some employees losing their jobs.

The segment continues with a conversation on the Office of Civil Rights’ report and the Youth Risk Behavior survey.  Also, should we be soliciting more “teachers of color” to reflect the changing demographic in our schools?  Tune in for this and MORE!

(Part 1:  Union contracts and health care)

(Part 2:  Lunch programs and Youth Risk Assessment survey)