(Hours 3a,b,c) Sid GlassnerRich, along with Inside Education’s Sid Glassner, spoke to us about a number of bills, starting with a bill to fund kindergarten.  “The bill is dead and honestly it should be dead,” Rich shared with us.  They then moved on to a discussion about House Bill 1338.   Tune in to hear all about it.


(Hour 3b) We continued with Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow with the New England Society for the Study of Education, for Is Our Children Learning.  He talked to us about financial issues within educational initiatives.  He shared about SAT preparations and told us about tutor rates.  They spoke about the importance of critical thinking and being a problem solver.


(Hour 3c) Sid talked to us about two senate bills that he said will change things in the state for State Board of Education members.  He spoke about another law concerning charter schools and they discussed state regulations for charter schools.