(Hours 2a,b,3a) Superintendent LivingstonWe started the hour running this morning as we took a call from Eddy in Manchester.  He shared his thoughts concerning last night’s meeting and Superintendent Debra Livingston.  Rich commented on a claim that he attempted to get the funding for the STEAM Ahead program pulled.  He then talked to us about a redistricting plan within the Manchester School District.

(Hour 2b) Rich continued in his discussion about Manchester’s redistricting plan.  He went through a list detailing the numbers of students within certain classrooms.  He ended the segment by taking a phone call from our loyal listener Harriet in Deerfield.  Listen in!

(Hour 3a) Rich wondered about the locations that some children will be moved to within the redistricting plan.  He spoke about the proposed changes within classrooms.  He shared his thoughts about a better alternative and told us that he doesn’t think that the proposed plan is a legitimate one.