(Hours 1a,b,c) Manchester Police Chief Nick WillardWe were joined this morning by Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard.  He started by speaking to Rich about crime stats, sharing about spikes in crime and housing issues in the Queen City.  We also heard about predictive policing.

Stats: 2008-2015 Part 1 Crime Stats

Stats II: Predictive Policing Part 1 Crime Comparison2

Stats III: Predictive Policing Part 1 Crime Comparison


(Hour 1b) We started the second segment by taking a call from Web Savvy anchor Jon DiPietro, who spoke to the Chief about crime rates.  Rich asked him about his success with hot spot policing.  We heard about a partnership between the Manchester Police Department and the NH State Police.  Finally, the Chief talked to us about using creative ways to dispel crime.

(Hour 1c) We heard more about predictive policing compared to other forms of policing.  The Chief and Rich discussed the heroin epidemic and the effect of the Good Samaritan Law.  We heard about dealing with those who overdose in front of children and changes that need to be made to the system.