Cardinal BurkeRich spent the evening at Northeast Catholic College’s Courage and Fidelity Dinner.  Below are the approximate time stamps for the event’s speakers.  Enjoy and be blessed!

3:30 – Dave Currier

13:00 – Master of Ceremonies Ovide Lamontagne

15:00 – Bishop Peter Libasci

16:00 – Ovide Lamontagne

17:50 – Choir

23:00 – Ovide Lamontagne

25:30 – Dr. George Harne (President of Northeast Catholic College)

44:00 – Shawn Heffner (Student at NCC)

57:00 – Tim Russell (Student at NCC)

Next – Joseph Gemmell

In this clip we heard Cardinal Burke’s speech and the closing statements.  Tune in and enjoy.

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