(Hours 1b,c,2a) Jeannie LaBargePembroke parent Jeanne LaBarge spoke to us about herself before she told us about how she discovered about the arrest of Rekha Luther, Dean of Students at Pembroke Academy.  She informed us about the conversation that took place between her and Pembroke’s principal and the steps that she took after, which helped to bring this situation to light.

(Hour 1c) Rich asked Jeannie about how she thought that the Pembroke School Board has been handling the issue.  They spoke about the drug problem within the school and more.

(Hour 2a) After Jeannie’s departure Rich discussed the mistakes that Pembroke made in handling the issue.  He reminded us about the recent issue with former Hooksett School Board member David Pearl.  “The question in Pembroke is how do you restore the trust of the parents,” Rich informed us.