MacPherson: Fund opened for donations to support victims

MacPherson: Fund opened for donations to support victims

The Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association has set up an account at Members First Credit Union to accept donations for police officers Ryan Hardy and Matthew O’ConnorAs you know, they were the two Manchester officers shot by Ian MacPherson in the wee hours of Friday morning.  Donations for the officers may be dropped off at any Members First branch or mailed to “Officers Hardy & O’Connor care of M P P A, 8 1 4 Elm Street Suite 5 1 3, Manchester, 0 3 1 0 1.”

The Manchester Police Department announced that Hardy, who was transported to a Boston hospital to be closer to family, has returned home and is recovering well.  He and O’Connor, who was treated and released on Friday, have asked for peace and privacy while they recover and spend time with their families.

MacPherson will be arraigned on two counts of Attempted Capital Murder today in Manchester District Court.

Guinta: Providing addiction toolkit

Guinta: Providing addiction toolkit

First District Congressman Frank Guinta, Republican from Manchester, has unveiled an “addiction resources toolkit” to help families cope with the opioid crisis sweeping the state.  Guinta said the plan, which includes prevention, treatment and recovery information for those suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, is available at his official House Web site and in his Manchester office on Lowell Street.

In making the announcement, Guinta, who founded the Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Heroin Epidemic, said his staff is now able to provide families the information they need about prevention, treatment and recovery options.  The Addiction Policy Forum, Community Anti-Drug Coalition, National Council, National Association for Children of Alcoholics, Shatterproof, Faces & Voices of Recovery, Legal Action Center, National Institute of Drug Abuse and the Office of National Drug Control Policy all played a role in helping develop the toolkit, which we’ve linked from this news read at Girard at Large dot com for your convenience.

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Auburn: Will there be fireworks over fireworks?

Auburn: Will there be fireworks over fireworks?

The  Auburn Board of Selectman will hold a public hearing and vote tonight on a proposed ordinance that would both ban and regulate fireworks in town.  In a letter to the board, Town Administrator Bill Herman said work began on drafting the proposed “Special Events and Fire Watch Ordinance” after the Auburn Tavern was allowed to have live entertainment on New Year’s Eve.

The ordinance makes it illegal for individuals under twenty one to use or purchase fireworks, mandates that permissible fireworks may only be used on private property with the written consent or presence of the owner, requires people to get a permit before using fireworks and limits their use to specific dates and times.  Failure to follow the ordinance could result in fines of up to five hundred dollars on the first day, seven hundred and fifty dollars on the second day, and a thousand bucks on the third day.  Additional fines could apply for each day the violations continue.

According to Herman, Town Attorney Jennifer St. Hilaire and Fire Chief Ed Gannon reviewed and approved the ordinance.  We’ve linked to the proposed fireworks ordinance from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

Fournier: Misleading parents about survey?

Fournier: Misleading parents about survey?

Another survey is being given to elementary school students in the town of Bedford.  In an email sent to parents, McKelvie Intermediate School Principal Michael Fournier told parents the Developmental Asset Profile survey was being sent home to quote:

“measure student achievement related to our school district mission, specifically our goal ‘to develop a community of learners who are intellectually curious, resourceful, and respectful of self and others.”  End quote.

In the sixty three question survey, which was provided to parents in the email, there are some pretty interesting questions, such as:

1) I tell other people what I believe in

3) I like myself

9) I say no to things like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and “doing” drugs.

11) I show my feelings in proper ways

14) I can be disappointed about something, but not get too upset

16) I think it is important to help other people

17) I feel safe at home

19) I stay away from bad people and bad things

29) I do chores at home and help make family decisions

31) I do things at a religious place, like a church

32) I do things like eat good food and get exercise

46) I have a safe neighborhood

48) I have good neighbors who care about me.

52) I have a family that sets clear rules for me

54) I have a family that gives me love and support

55) I have neighbors who help watch out for me

56) I have parents who are good at talking with me about things

58) I have a family that knows where I am and what I am doing

Opt Out: That's our recommendation

Opt Out: That’s our recommendation

Some parents are questioning whether or not it’s a survey to measure student achievement or to provide a “social services inventory” on what’s going on in kids’ homes and wondering how questions like “doing things at a religious place, like a church” are relevant.

Parents have until Wednesday to fill out the form required to opt their children out of the survey.  We’ve and uploaded the opt out form and survey with this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

PPC: Hosting Save the Storks' bus

PPC: Hosting Save the Storks’ bus

In partnership with Manchester’s Pennacook Pregnancy Center, Save the Storks is sending one of its mobile medical units to Manchester this Thursday, May nineteenth for a special event.  The unit, which provides free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests to women, especially those in a crisis pregnancy situation, will be at St. Cathrine of Sienna Parish from ten to noon.  Free tours will be offered to attendees.  One of the center’s goals is to increase the availability of ultrasound units in the state, so they’re inviting supporters and community members to tour the bus on Thursday.

Save the Storks logoRegistration is not required.  For more information, visit the Pennacook Pregnancy Center on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash n h pregnancy help or call 2 0 6 5 3 0 6.  Save the Storks can be found online at save the storks dot com.

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