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Dear Editor:

We have known and worked with Jeanie Forrester for more than 10 years on several town committees and for the past six years during her tenure as our state senator.

It quickly became clear she has the instincts, intellect, experience and integrity to hold a public office and do it well. As our Senator from District 2 she has demonstrated her ability to understand the complexities of legislation and make difficult but well-reasoned decisions. She has worked diligently to understand the value of programs and to protect the most valuable while achieving a necessary budget.

She has reached out frequently to every community in her district to understand their issues and to work energetically for their best outcome. She is in constant contact with citizens, boards of selectmen and business owners to hear their concerns and to keep them updated on progress with ongoing and upcoming legislation.

Her web site and frequent email letters provide excellent information about her activities and position on current and future legislation. Jeanie has demonstrated she is easily available to all her constituents with prompt replies to questions and requests. Her work schedule demonstrates she is a full-time and fully-engaged Senator.

She will bring these qualities and more to the office of Governor.

David and Marjorie Thorpe

54 Wickwood Shores Road

Meredith NH 03253