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Not long ago, Hillary Clinton had an episode that to several onlookers seemed very disturbing.  She responded to a question by reporters by doing a bobble-head impression that lacked any meaning other than OMG!

I know she likes to practically pop her eyes out of her head, laugh uncontrollably at nothing and give a giant open mouth display of her tonsils when entertaining supporters.  But the bobble-head psycho-seizure is a bit over the top.

So, is this defense of Hillary by an AP “reporter” who saw the whole thing from inches away.

Good link here with photos:


This Lisa Lerer of the AP is supposed to be a journalist and is doing her literary utmost to support her preferred candidate, Clinton.  That is what young, savvy, highly educated, lacking in integrity, journalists do these days.

But I wonder.

Lisa looks pretty young.  Reporters her age all have degrees.  I would wager all have student loans – except Michelle Fields who is the daughter of elites.

Do you think Lisa Lerer still has student loans to pay off?  Clinton is promising to forgive current student loans and make college “free.”

Should young student loan recipients be posing as journalists if they are not objective?

The Obama Administration has all the details of every student loan recipient at their fingertips for use as it sees fit; so will the next progressive administration.  What could go wrong?  The Clintons used the IRS to try and shut Kathleen Willey up.  Ditto several other of Bill’s sexual abuse victims.

The press and the Left get more cozy by the day.  The American public sees this in the current election cycle more than ever.

Will voters turn on Hillary and her lap dog media in November?  If not, where is the limit of what they will do to help a progressive candidate or another closet Marxist win office?

It is going to get much worse in the next few months.