(Hour 2a) Dennehy and Bouley logo_411425515Rich spoke about a potential illegal operation out of Dennehy & Bouley, a New Hampshire based lobbying firm.  He talked about a possible collusion between Jeanie Forrester and Colin Van Ostern’s campaigns.  He shared about Save the Children Action Network’s coordination with Dennehy & Bouley to support their candidates and informed the listeners about a poll that was released, which showed favorable results for one of their candidates.  Tune in for all of the details!

Click here for the complaint filed with the AG’s office.



paid lobbiest for SCAN

if what appears to be happenig


save children aciton network coordinating with denehay and brulay to support their candidates


save the children action network


Colin Van Ostern

dennehy releases internal poll, which gave favorable numbers to Forester

save the child action network – jeanie forrester

dennehey brulay group – mike dennehey


if you’re an independent political action committee-  not supposed to work with, collude, etc with other campaigns that you support


save the action and forrester campaign manager working in same office


Dennehy & Bouley is a registered lobbiest for the save the


jim brulay – mayor of concord – supports

clolin bran austurn

michael denehay