Ayotte:  Big win

Ayotte: Big win

The primary has come and gone and some races are still too close to call.  Races that weren’t include the G O P U S Senate primary between incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte and former State Senator Jim Rubens Ayotte mopped the floor with Rubens, winning seventy nine percent of the vote to Rubens’ seventeen.  That a more than three to one margin for those who were taught Common Core math, putting Ayotte on very solid footing to do battle with Governor Margaret Wood Hassan who was unchallenged in the Democratic party for the senate seat.  More than fifty five million dollars has already been spent on the two candidacies in a race that has drawn national interest because it is expected to be very hard fought and could determine which party controls the Senate this fall.

Van Ostern:  Easy win

Van Ostern: Easy win

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Colin Van Ostern cruised to victory over former Portsmouth Steve Marchand, whose second place finish surprised pols around the state.  Marchand, who lagged badly behind Van Ostern and opponent Mark Connolly in fund raising, endorsements and campaign organization pulled twenty five percent of the vote.  Connolly, the former head of the state’s Securities Enforcement Bureau, finished third with twenty percent of the vote.  Van Ostern received fifty two percent.

Lawrence:  Big win

Lawrence: Big win

Second District Congressional candidate Jim Lawrence had what was ultimately an easy win over Jack Flanagan in the Republican primary nomination fight.  Lawrence, a former state rep. from Hudson received a solid forty percent of the vote to Flanagan’s twenty eight.  Flanagan, a state rep. from Brookline, resigned his position as House Majority Leader to make the run.  Lawrence, the first black American to be nominated by a major party for federal office in New Hampshire history, will square off against incumbent Ann McLane Kuster.  Polls show that race to be a toss up.

Edelblut:  Shocking performance

Edelblut: Shocking performance

No winner has yet to be declared in the G O P race for governor.  As many thought, it turned out to be a two man race.  The thing is, the two men who swapped the lead for most of the night were Wilton State Rep. Frank Edelblut and District Three Executive Councilor Chris Sununu.  Despite receiving about fifty percent of the vote in Manchester and far outpacing the field in fund raising, Mayor Ted Gatsas finished third with twenty one percent of the vote.  Meredith State Senator Jeanie Forrester brought up the rear with about eighteen percent.  Looks like Save the Children couldn’t save the Jeanie.

With results from twenty communities outstanding, Sununu has about a thousand vote edge over Edelblut with about thirty one percent of the vote to Edelblue’s thirty percent.

Similar story in the First Congressional District, where incumbent

Guinta:  Holds on to win

Guinta: Holds on to win

is clinging to about a seven hundred fifty vote lead over challenger Rich Ashooh, despite losing Manchester, where he was once mayor, by five hundred votes.  It looks like Guinta’s going to hold on to this victory, though as the two communities whose numbers are outstanding don’t have enough votes for Ashooh to overcome the deficit.  If the tally holds, Guinta will win with forty six percent of the vote to Ashooh’s forty five.

A cautionary note:  All of these results are unofficially machine tallies only.  Official results, which will include hand counts, will be released today.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Beard:  Really close race

Beard: Really close race

Now for some election results that are more local.   In Senate District Eight, only ten votes separate Republican contestants Jim Beard and Ruth Ward, with three towns still to report.  Ward’s holding the edge on that one.

In Senate District Nine, Lee Nyquist eked out a win in the Democratic primary.

In District Fourteen, State Senator Sharon Carson, Republican of Londonderry scored three to one margin over her opponent.

In the Senate District Sixteen Democratic primary, state teachers union president Scott McGilvary received eighty five percent of the vote.

Terrio:  Clinging to lead

Terrio: Clinging to lead

In Senate District Eighteen, Manchester Ward Seven School Board Member Ross Terrio is clinging to a fifteen vote lead over former Litchfield State Rep. George Lambert.  Current Litchfield State Rep. Ralph Boehm finished third.

And in Senate District Twenty Three, it looks like Sandown State Rep. Bill Gannon has won the Republican nomination.

Senator Russell Prescott scored a two to one victory in the Republican primary for the District Three Executive Council seat.

Manchester Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur beat Jim Adams by about four points for the G O P primary for the District 4 Executive Council seat.

Lachance:  Finding friends on the road

Lachance: Finding friends on the road

Jerry’s Ride’s been going well and we have an update from the road.  The weather’s been good and he’s encountered many supporters along the way.  He did get a flat tire in Bergen, N J, (who doesn’t?)  but was able to repair it on the spot and find a bike shop to do some other needed work.

Helping disabled vets improve mobility

Helping disabled vets improve mobility

His brother fire fighters have been welcoming at the fire houses he’s stayed at along the way, having been invited him to trainings and meals.  Jerry’s in great spirits.  His ride, you recall, is to benefit Ride 2 Recovery, a veterans organization that adapts bicycles for veterans with disabilities.  Donations are still being accepted at r 2 r dot convio dot net slash goto slash lachance  Don’t’ worry, we’ve got the link.

Finish line in Key West

Finish line in Key West

If all went well, JerryLachance should have made it to the Norfolk/Exmore, VA area yesterday and will be on his way to Franklin, VA today.  He’s been checking in with the firefighters of the Sandown Fire Department on a daily basis.  Apparently, out of state news organizations have queried folks in Sandown about the route so they can get aerial footage of him for news stories.  You can follow along on Facebook at facebook dot com slash jerryride, all one word.  Jerry’s expected to reach Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West on September thirtieth.