Gilmore: Calls for resignations

Gilmore: Calls for resignations

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, a Republican candidate for President, issued a press statement saying the Republican leadership in Congress has so badly mishandled opposition to President Obama’s dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner should resign.  Quote:

“This agreement with Iran betrays America and the American people.  And thanks to the ham-handed way McConnell and Boehner and other Republican leaders have handled opposition to it, our children and our grandchildren will now have to live with the threat of nuclear attack.”

Gilmore said the Republican leadership arrogantly supported the Corker Amendment, which changed the traditional way Congress supports or rejects treaties or agreements negotiated by the President.

“The Corker Amendment changed the number of votes needed in the Senate to block the Iran deal and paved the path to the failure of Republican opposition to the agreement.  And subsequent weak-kneed efforts by the leadership have only made matters worse.

“How can our nation and our Republican voters have any confidence in McConnell and Boehner whatsoever when their faulty leadership failed to stop a clear and present threat to America?  Both need to resign immediately so our party and our nation can find leaders who will do what has to be done to stop the Obama Administration from further damaging the security of our nation and our allies.


SYSC:  Public meeting on its future to be held

The Sununu Youth Services Center legislative working group will host a public meeting at the center this Thursday evening, September tenth at seven.  The meeting will provide an opportunity for community members to learn more about  possible alternative options to transform the Sununu Center to a facility that better addresses the needs our state’s juvenile population, ask questions, suggest ideas and express concerns.  The meeting will be held in the chapel at the Sununu Youth Services Center at 10 5 6 North River Road in Manchester.

Library: Good stuff cheap!

Library: Good stuff cheap!

The Manchester City Library will be holding its Fall Ten Dollar Bag Book Sale on Saturday, September 19th from 10:00 to 1:00 in the Winchell Room which is on the Library’s lower level.  Just bring empty average size grocery bags (cloth or paper) and fill them up from the many, many items available.  This sale has a vast range of children’s books, fiction books of all types (hardcover and paperback), cooking books galore, biography, history, religion, craft, art, sports and many other subjects.  There are also musical odds and ends such as scores, music CDs and long playing 33 1/3 records; in addition to DVDs and audio books. The library will also have a few individually priced frame prints, for sale at this event.  Proceeds are used for programs and projects at the Manchester City Library.  You just never know what special treasure you can find among the over ten thousand items available. The cost, as the name of the sale indicates, is only $10 per bag as you exit the sale area.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Spradling: Drops MEA moderator gig

Spradling:  Drops MEA moderator gig

Will the wheels fall off the Manchester Education Association’s Education Forum?  That’s a question looming over the event following the refusal of moderator Scott Spradling to participate.  Spradling said he agreed to moderate the event for the union because he was told that all five candidates were confirmed .  As first reported here on Girard at Large, Mayor Ted Gatsas did not confirm his participation in the forum, scheduled for this Wednesday, because it conflicted with a Tele-Town Hall, the final, and long ago published, event of his Talk with Ted Tour.

Arnold: Lowers the boom on Craig

Arnold:  Lowers the boom on Craig

Mayoral candidate Patrick Arnold took a shot at rival Joyce Craig over the issue.  In a social media post, Arnold said quote

Now that Mayor Gatsas isn’t going to the MEA education forum on Sept 9th, is Alderman Craig going to refuse to participate? Or is it different because it’s a friendly audience? I’ll be at the forum to talk about my vision and plans for Manchester schools regardless of whether Mayor Gatsas and Alderman Craig participate.

Of course, the friendly audience thing was a shot at Craig’s refusal to debate Gatsas and the rest of the field on this show, to which we say, hey, we’re pretty friendly.  Arnold put a shot across both their boughs saying quote

Mayor Gatsas and Alderman Craig say they refuse to participate in pre-primary debates unless all the candidates are there. A candidate who believes voters deserve every opportunity would never condition participation on another candidate.

And, no, Craig didn’t respond by the deadline of the mayor’s final offer to debate the field on this show, which passed on Friday.  I’m thinking maybe we’ll pretend to be the M E A and declare she’s attending anyway so we can then try to blame her for not showing up and the potential disintegration of our event.

Craig: Another union endorsement

Craig: Another union endorsement

A final note on the mayoral campaign this Labor Day.  Seems the press release from Craig about being endorsed by the State Employees Association, Service Employees International Union Local 19 8 4 missed our inbox.  Our thanks to the loyal listener who suggested we check her Web site over the weekned for the announcement, which was made this past Thursday.  The union, which claims five hundred members in the city, said it was quote “thrilled to endorse” Craig because quote “(s)he understands the needs of working families and we know she will fight to protect our rights.”  Craig, of course, was “honored” to accept the endorsement and that she was quote “proud of (her) track record standing up for Manchester workers and families.”

There was no mention by either the union or Craig about why all those hard working families that support the Tax Cap should support her.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!

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