Bomb goes off prematurely in Seaside, NH

Bomb goes off along race route in Seaside, NJ

The number of acts of terror committed on U S soil took a dramatic up-tick over the weekend.  It all started with the explosion of a pipe bomb in Seaside Park, New Jersey just prior to the Semper Five K road race on Saturday.  Nobody was hurt, but the race was canceled.  Several people of interest have been detained for questioning.  Officials say they’re looking for a motive.

Cuomo, Di Blasio and what's left of the dumpster

Cuomo, Di Blasio:  Motives unknown?

Following that, a massive explosion rocked the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.  Officials believe a pressure cooker bomb exploded under a dumpster.  Twenty nine people were injured, some seriously, by the blast which was felt for blocks and shattered windows in the surrounding area.  New York State troopers, working with New York City police, found another pressure cooker bomb about four blocks away during routine systematic search of the areas surrounding the explosion.  Pictures of the second device have gone viral.  Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill Di Blasio say no motive has yet to be established, but that it is an act of terrorism, but not yet known if it’s an act of international terrorism.  Di Blasio actually refused to call it terrorism, according to the NY Times.

Dahir Adan: Praised Allah before launching knife attack

Dahir Adan:  Praised Allah before launching knife attack

Later in the day, a Somali refugee dressed as a private security guard in St. Cloud, Minnesota reportedly shouted allah ak-bar before going a stabbing spree where he knifed nine people before being shot dead by an off duty police officer at the Crossroads Center Mall.  ISIS has claimed credit for the attack, though police there say it may be terrorism and they have yet to establish a motive.

Elizabeth, NJ: Bomb blows during diffusion attempt.

Elizabeth, NJ:  Bomb blows during diffusion attempt.

Then early this morning, five pipe bombs were found just outside of a commuter rail station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  One of the bombs exploded while an F B I robot tried to defuse it.  Oops.  The bombs were placed to inflict maximum civilian casualties.  Amtrak and New Jersey Transit rail services will be suspended along the Northeast Corridor and New Jersey Coast lines in both directions until further notice.  Looks like commuters into the Big Apple and along the Northeastern seaboard will have to find another way in and out today.  Oh, officials are looking for a motive.

NYC pressure cooker: Not making dinner

NYC pressure cooker: Not making dinner

They’re not thinking the three New York – New Jersey bombings are connected, but then again, they’re not sure they’re not, but if they were, that would probably mean it was some sort of international terror thing and the governor and mayor say it’s not that, they think, but they’re note sure…

UPDATE:   FBI has issued this notice seeking Ahmad Khan Rahami in conjunction with the bombing in New York City and attempted bombing in Elizabeth, NJ.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Taking heat for blocking scanners

Taking heat for blocking scanners

The Manchester Police Department seems to be feeling the heat brought on by its decision to bar the public from listening to its radio traffic.  The department issued a statement late Friday afternoon saying it quote

recognizes the concerns raised by the media regarding the new encrypted radio system, which revolves around your ability to report on police events.

In the release, the department said it was working on an automated system that will provide each day’s calls for service on its Web page.  They say the plan is to have the system automatically update the web page with the call log at 12:01 A M each day so the media and public can review the previous day’s calls.  However, the information will be limited to the date, time, address and call for service.  This will be provided along with their normal press releases and social media postings.  The department anticipates this to be in place by early next week.

Just a memo to the P R gurus at the station, we’re still waiting for an explanation of why the Bearcat and the SWAT Team was twice sent into the West Side last week.

Bedford: Town Council asks for water conservation

Bedford: Town Council asks for water conservation

At its meeting on September 14th, the Bedford Town Council unanimously voted to request that all residents and businesses voluntarily suspend watering their lawns and washing their vehicles because of drought conditions, effective immediately.  This water ban is not expected to impede the police department’s ability to host its monthly Coffee With A Cop, which is tomorrow morning from 9: 30 to -11:00 at The Inside Scoop, located at 260 Wallace Road.

Auburn: Water conservation information made public

Auburn: Water conservation information made public

The town of Auburn is also warning residents about water use.  While the town has not acted formally to restrict water usage or request residents limit water usage, it did issue a statement regarding the severity of the drought and provide a list of things residents can do to conserve water.  They also noted that while the Manchester Water Works has yet to act to restrict water usage, it is reporting that water levels in Lake Massebesic have reached historic lows and has closed two of its boat landing locations in the town, one off Manchester Road near the Fair Haven Church and Claire’s Landing on Route 1 2 1 near the Town Hall as a result.  We’ve linked to the town’s press release which contains a map of the drought stricken areas of the state and the aforementioned conservation tips.

Derry: Concerns with private wells

Derry:  Concerns with private wells

Meanwhile, the town of Derry has issued a letter of drought guidance from the Department of Environmental Services to residents with private wells.  Derry has several water suppliers, including the Manchester Water Works, which has yet to impose restrictions, and the Pennichuck Water Works which has imposed an odd even watering restriction.

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