Use change proposed

Various committees of the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen, along with the board itself, will meet this week.  Tonight, the Committee on Public Safety, Health and Traffic will meet at four thirty.  On the agenda is an item from the Board of School Committee’s Buildings and Sites Committee regarding the awful traffic congestion that takes place around Jewett Street Elementary School and Southside at arrival and dismissal times.  Accompanying the letter from the Buildings and Sites Committee is a list of recommendations from city staff regarding various parking regulations changes they believe will improve the situation.

Viviers: Applies for tax deal

On the agenda for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen tomorrow night are a couple of items of interest, including a so called Seventy Nine E application, which, if approved by the board, would prevent the assessment of taxes on the increased value of a renovated property for up to five years.  Norris Viviers, owner of the Bedford Building at 1 3 6 1 Elm Street, is proposing to spend upwards of one point six million dollars to convert the upper three floors to residential space.  Currently, above the first floor retail, it’s all office space.  The first floor retail space would remain according to the documents on the agenda.

Willard: Another cop…for 3 weeks

Also on the agenda, Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard is looking for permission to increase the department’s compliment of officers by one for a three week period of time.  The agenda item says a letter will be sent by Mayor Ted Gatsas on the matter, but it wasn’t on the agenda.  It’s not clear from the agenda item whether or not the department’s looking to hire in advance of a known vacancy.

On Wednesday night, at six, the board will hold a public hearing on the budget proposed by Mayor Gatsas.  The public, of course, is invited to attend.


More than eight thousand middle and high school students will participate in the first New Hampshire Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness at the SNHU Center in downtown Manchester, tomorrow.  The summit is designed to address this epidemic by promoting healthy choices and educating students about the dangers of opioid abuse.  

The event will feature a showing of If Only, a short film co-produced by James Wahlberg with support from Recovery Centers of America and Millennium Health.  Peabody native and former Miami Marlins Pitcher, Jeff Allison will share his story of addiction and recovery.  Manchester-based D E A Special Agent, Jon DeLena will talk about addiction, the impact of opioids in our communities and the drug war happening in our own backyard.

Wahlberg: Film to be played at event

There will also be a special focus on how students can help combat this epidemic by engaging in healthy lifestyles.  The summit will be the country’s largest gathering of young people to directly address this crisis.  The event is by invitation only and not open to the public.  Motorists are encouraged to avoid the area around the SNHU Center as road closures and detours will go into effect starting at seven thirty tomorrow morning to facilitate the event.

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Wilson: Milford native made history

On Wednesday, March 15th, Governor Christopher Sununu will present the “Harriet E. Wilson Memorial Chair” to the Wadleigh Memorial Library in Milford.  Known for her literary and cultural contributions, Harriet Wilson, who was born on March 15th, 1 8 2 5, in Milford, became the first African American to publish a novel in the United States.

New Hampshire is proud to celebrate Hattie Wilson’s trailblazing accomplishments and inspirational life story by honoring her legacy with this memorial chair.  This month’s celebration presents a unique opportunity for all Granite Stater’s to recognize and reflect on the many ways in which Hattie Wilson contributed to our state’s rich history.

Sununu: Conveys award

Wadleigh Memorial Library Director Betsy Solon expressed appreciation for the award, saying quote:  

We hope this event will bring attention to her accomplishments and support our library’s mission to promote inclusion and diversity to all of our citizens.

Dan and Renee Plummer of Portsmouth sponsored the commission of the chair, which was handcrafted by Doug Dimes of D.R. Dimes American Furniture in Northwood.

The public is invited to the ceremony.  It starts at ten AM. 

Click here to learn more about the Harriet Wilson.

Blackwell: Kicking, screaming and more

The Battling Broads of Hooksett has added another member to its ranks.  As longtime listeners of this show know, Hooksett has reported a number of domestic assaults in recent years perpetrated by women against men.  And, as with this story, they lady sluggers haven’t been above taking a poke at an arresting officer.  Today’s inductee is forty three year old Nicole Blackwell of Haverhill, Mass. 

An officer of the Hooksett Police Department found Blackwell parked in the Community Plaza parking lot at eleven hundred Hooksett Road at eleven thirty on Thursday evening.  It being well after business hours, the officer checked on the vehicle containing Blackwell.  In the process, he discovered there was that there was an Electronic Bench Warrant for her arrest.  Seems she failed to appear in Concord District Court

Anyway, Blackwell refused to exit her vehicle and be taken into custody.  As officers attempted to remove her, she resisted, kicking one of the officers several times in the head and shoulder.  She was placed in handcuffs after being tased, though she continued to resist as she was placed in the cruiser’s rear seat, again kicking the officer.  

Another “Battling Broad”

Blackwell continued to be combative while in the cruiser, banging her head on the partition separating the front and rear seats, causing a quote “self-inflicted laceration on her forehead.”  She was charged with Resisting Arrest, Resisting Detention and Simple Assault, but was released on personal recognizance bail for those charges as well as the electronic bench warrant.  She is scheduled to appear in Hooksett District Court on April 12th. Thanfully, the officer did not sustain any injuries.

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