(Hours 3a,b,c) In the absence of Sid Glassner, Rich talked to Ann Marie Banfield of Cornerstone Action for Is Our Children Learning.  Ann Marie addressed the NAEP test, speaking about which schools are chosen and parental involvement.  They shared about monitoring the education of children and discussed what needs to be done on a State level to improve the situation.

Click here to view Ann Marie’s Naep Blog post.


(Hour 3b) As Rich and Ann Marie continued they discussed what needs to be done on a state level to improve on the situation.  They spoke about parental notification and shared about Senator Kevin Avard’s legislation, which would require written consent for non-academic testing.  Finally, they spoke about Planned Parenthood’s opposition to a bill.

Click here for more information about Senate Bill 43.

Click here for more information about House Bill 103.



(Hour 3c) Rich and Ann Marie discussed legislation that is affecting parental rights.  They took a call from Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow with the New England Society for the Study of Education.  Sid addressed areas to be aware of concerning NAEP, before Ann Marie spoke about Bill Duncan and Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut.

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