NH1 News has a nice scoop about voter fraud in NH’s 2016 election where thousands of-out-of state voters tipped a US Senate seat – but they drink some of the standard NH voter fraud Kool Aide in the story. Too bad. Still, they now have a lot of the issues out in the open regarding the State of NH policy letting non-residents vote.


In this article the NH Secretary of State claims there about 450 returned same-day voter applications of people who voted without any form of identification who might be involved in a possible investigation. The ridiculous idea, taken as gospel in NH, that an adult who has attained the age of 18 who shows up to vote on Election Day without ANY form of identification is simply voter fraud itself. They just don’t want to show the identification they have. For an example see CNHT interstate voter fraud catch, Michael LaSean Lewis, of Georgia, Florida, and New Hampshire who voted same day in Hooksett in 2016.

Naile: Has the goods.

What I think is going on right now at the NH SoS Office and this “investigation” story has several parts.

  1. Our essentially secret, non-public statewide voter database is loaded to the gills with ghost voters who jump our border and vote in general elections. Once they do that they stay on the NH checklists for years. See CNHT voter fraud catch, Jared Steven Cram, a Pennsylvania, NH voter for an example. Or you can go to CNHT catch Carl Robert Gibson and Wisconsin, NH voter also was also registered in Ky. And Ct. when we caught him.
  2. The United States has a new president who has shown an intention to investigate voter fraud. Part of that process involves a new US Attorney General who has in the past – prosecuted voter fraud. There will be a new US Attorney for NH and we have a new NH Attorney General on the way. What if one of our new Attorneys General does not want to play the game of, “a voter can have mobile domiciles?” Our state is going to have some explaining to do. Would it serve the Attorney General of the United States to say it is legal for non-residents to vote in just NH just because some local NH judge says it is fine with him?
  3. The article from NH1News only touches on 2016. What about 2012 where we still have thousands of returned same-day-voter fraud applications siting on desks.
  4. If you have ever seen a NH AG voter fraud investigation – you have not missed much. Apparently, when they investigate a returned letter they don’t have enough money in their budget to ask a person who is investigated to show their current ID after voting same-day.
  5. Secretary of State Bill Gardner has an obligation, under Federal law, to follow through on our statewide data base after elections to make sure they are clean. Good luck starting now. It might be a bit late. Federal officials can simply ask for a copy of all purged voters to look for illegal voters. That is what I would do.
  6. The number of possible illegal voters mentioned in this news article is off a bit. It is more like 4,580 – 8,000, not 458. In Durham alone in 2016 there were over 5,000 same day registrants from two single days, the Primary and General elections. Fifty percent of UNH students are paying out of state tuition. There is an easy way to estimate how many out-of-state voters we have in NH if you want to add Hanover, Plymouth, Keene, and all the other voter fraud factories. Follow where certain candidates choose to campaign over and over again.

This story is finally going national. Maybe we can permanently fix New Hampshire’s elections, in spite of who runs them.

The good news is we don’t need new laws to do it.