(Hours 1b,c,2a,b) Rich talked about the passing of House Bill 412 in the Senate yesterday.  He informed the listeners about the nature of the pre-engineering and technology curriculum and wondered about the necessity in introducing kindergartners to science, technology, math and engineering lessons.  He then tackled former Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry’s comments regarding parental involvement in math homework.


(Hour 1c) As Rich continued on topic he talked about Mayor Ted Gatsas’ Jr. Steam Ahead program.  He spoke about a failed attempt to teach children to be critical thinkers and took a call from Albert in Manchester, who commented on the idea of introducing an engineering program to kindergartners.  He then took a call from Jim in Manchester, who talked about his experience in kindergarten.  Finally, Rich shared about his relevant conversation with Felix Alvarado in yesterday’s Is Our Children Learning segment and extolled the virtues of a phonics curriculum. 


(Hour 2a) Rich read listener feedback about critical thinking and about their personal kindergarten experiences.  He then talked about the changing AP classes and shared his thoughts concerning the STEM program for kindergartners.


(Hour 2b) Rich wondered about whether or not critical thinking skills can be taught to children within the current educational field.  He then talked about the STEM curriculum and shared about insecurities for children regarding career paths.  Finally, he pointed out the importance of understanding the founding of the country, cited examples as he expressed the importance of having a mastery of the fundamentals and shared his thoughts concerning college and career readiness.