(Hours 1a,2a) Rich began the show by talking about a change that he’s making to become more accessible to the listeners.  He then shared about social media and the importance of targeting the proper audiences.  Finally, he displayed the necessity in not just supporting your political party online, but also in person.

(Hour 2a) Rich read a message from Manchester School Board member Lisa Freeman concerning the utilization of social media to push a political agenda and asked A Question of Voter Fraud anchor Ed Naile about the effectiveness of Facebook or Twitter.  They then took a call from Lisa, who shared her grievance with social media. 

See below for Lisa’s message.

Lisa Freeman: “I am no longer taking complaints via Social media. If you have a concern or issue with the District or school your child attends, you may email me at boscward5@mansd.org or call my cellphone 603 391 4502. Quite frankly, I am growing tired of the keyboard warriors. I get it, busy, work,kids ,don’t like speaking in public, etc. Facebook has morphed into nothing more than a gigantic rumor mill which hurts, more than helps, solve some of our local issues.”