(Hours 2a,b,c) Rich and Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, started the segment by taking a phone call from Neal in Manchester, who discussed book donations.  They talked about the curriculum in Manchester and Rich shared about Booked for Summer, Superintendent Bolgen Vargas’s summer reading initiative.  They then spoke about the State assistance that is largely utilized within the Manchester School District

(Hour 2b) Rich and Ed Naile continued in their discussion about State assistance.  Rich pointed out a lack of attention towards the spiritual well-being of students and cited the drug crisis as an example.  Finally, they discussed the path that families ought to take.  

(Hour 2c) As Rich and Ed continued on the topic they read feedback from Manchester School Board member Lisa Freeman and from Neal, among others.  Rich wondered what’s wrong with the Biblical Ten Commandments and pointed out that if the Christian churches were teaching what they’re supposed to teach then it would curb a number of issues that are prevalent within society.  Finally, they emphasized the point that parental involvement is a necessity.  Tune in for more information.