(Hours 1b,c,2a) Rich started the show by sharing a brief background on the political career of Mayor Ted Gatsas.  He then discussed the fusing of the financing of full day kindergarten to the passage of Keno and pointed out that the money that’s generated by Keno would fund the expansion of kindergarten from half-day to full-day.  Finally, he praised the precedent that Governor Chris Sununu set concerning the funding of education and more.

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(Hour 1c) As Rich continued in the topic, he informed the listeners about what the bill will do.  He read feedback from Representative Victoria Sullivan and discussed the compromise in the House for the funding.  He then took a call from Manchester School Board member Lisa Freeman.  Tune in to hear the discussion that ensued!

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(Hour 2a) Rich started the third segment of the topic by sharing information that he found over the break concerning the timeline of the funding.  He made clear his opinion that Representative Rick Ladd “doesn’t understand the principle of equity versus the principle of equality” and discussed why Senator Lou D’Allesandro among others are opposed to the bill.  Finally, he delved deeper into the budget and informed the listeners about the cost of each individual.  Tune in to get the details. 

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