(Hours 1c,2a,b,c) Rich talked to Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard for Public Safety This Week.  They started by talking about graffiti, focusing on punishment and the connection between crime and graffiti.  They then shared about panhandling, Queen City quality of life and more.  Tune in to get all of the details!

(Hour 2a) Rich and Chief Willard took a call from Harriet in Deerfield, who gave kudos to the Chief, before commenting on the legalization of marijuana.  They then tackled the panhandling issue and what the city should do in cleaning up the environment.


(Hour 2b) Rich and the Chief debated about police details.  They made comparisons to neighboring towns, discussed police officer residency issues and addressed the efficacy of detail cops.  They then spoke about smoking in the parks and the Manchester Police Department’s budget.  

(Hour 2c) After the departure of Chief Willard, Rich closed out the segment series by clarifying some thoughts.  He spoke about compensation packages and shared about the differences between caring for someone and appeasing them.