Tag: Russ Ouellette

Housing in the Queen City

(Hours 3b,c) After explaining what the Committee on Bills on Second Reading is, Rich talked to the listeners about Manchester’s housing code.  He spoke about his experience as a tenant and shared about the attempt to...

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The Rimmon Heights Neighborhood Watch

(Hours 1b,c) Rich spoke to Russ Ouellette of the Rimmon Heights Neighborhood Watch.  He informed the listeners of the territory of his particular Watch and shared one of his goals for the group.  They talked about membership...

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The History of Mast Road

(Hour 3b) Aurore Eaton called in this morning to discuss the history of Mast Road for The History Lady.  She informed us that it used to be called The Mast Road.  She also told us about South Main Street, Main Street, McGregor...

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