Is the mosque in Manchester a terror threat?  Dave Gaubatz, a retired federal agent who specialized in counter intelligence and Islamic based counter terrorism, says yes.  In a recently released report, which was forwarded to Girard at Large by members of its Large and Loyal Listening Audience, Gaubatz says he visited the mosque operated by the Islamic Society of New Hampshire (located at 373 South Willow St.) on June thirtieth and found quote:

“very violent materials inside for worshipers that advocate the overthrow of America and physical Jihad against U. S. and Israeli targets.”  

He wrote that statement was based, quote:

“on the mosque having the same Islamic manuals in their possession that Islamic terrorist groups utilize for their training.” 

al-Tamimi: Author of mosque materials

Among them Gaubatz said was material written and edited by Ali al-Timimi, a convicted Islamic terrorist supporter.  He also said the mosque’s Imam and it’s worshipers were, quote: “extremely Shariah compliant,” something he said ISIS and Al Qaeda would find, quote:

“acceptable for their training of Mujahadeen fighters.”

Gaubatz said he determined, quote:

“the ISoNH is a terrorist safe haven for Islamic sleeper cell Jihadists and there is a strong likelihood violent Jihadist activity will be conducted by ‘sleeper terrorists’ attending this particular mosque.”

A terror threat?

He concluded his report by saying that law enforcement use legal means to fully investigate the leadership and worshipers of this mosque and said it should be closed down immediately based on their advocating the establishment a worldwide Islamic caliphate governed by Shariah law.

Willard: No corroboration

We sent Gaubatz’s report, which we’ve uploaded to this news read at Girard at Large dot com, to Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard to ask for his assessment.  He replied with an email saying quote: 

“The Manchester Police Department has a detective who is embedded with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, and they are tasked with investigating such matters.  They have no information to corroborate the assertions made by the individual.”

An email sent by Girard at Large to the Islamic Society of New Hampshire regarding the report has not been responded to.  If it is, we will share it.  

Gaubatz will be our guest this morning at eight twenty (Click here to listen to the interview).

News from our own backyard continues after this!

Gaudet: Gets an answer, finally

Soon to be retired Assistant Manchester City Solicitor Thomas Arnold has tossed a justifiable hot potato at the Board of Mayor and Aldermen regarding the complaint filed by Ward Eight resident Jim Gaudet against aldermen Ron Ludwig of Ward Two and Normand Gamache of Ward Eleven.  In the complaint, Gaudet not only accuses the dynamic duo of violating the city charter’s conflict of interest provisions by voting on firefighter unions’ contracts even though their sons are covered by the contracts, he cited state laws making those charter violations a misdemeanor crime, punishable by fines and or time in jail.

In a letter to the board, Arnold writes Ludwig and Gamache, quote:

“had immediate family members with a direct pecuniary interest in the adoption of the Fact Finder’s Report and Recommendations.”  

He also cited the provisions of the charter saying that when such an interest exists, it’s considered a conflict of interest and that, quote:  

“those with such a conflict quote shall disclose such interest and shall not participate in the matter further.”



What that all means is this:  Ludwig and Gamache violated the city charter when they voted on contracts covering their sons.  The question now becomes, will the aldermen vote to refer the matter to either the Conduct Board established by the charter or the Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity for proper action.  Or, will they do nothing and ignore the charter provision which says, quote:

“it shall be the responsibility of all elected officials to ensure the enforcement of and compliance with the charter”

and the one that says quote:  

“if a violation is found to have occurred, the mayor and aldermen shall direct such action or changes in procedure as shall ensure compliance with this charter.”

Shaw: Her, too

By the way, this is the second letter from Arnold to the board that has declared such a conflict exists.  The first came two years ago after multiple citizen complaints were filed against Ludwig, Gamache and Ward Nine Alderman Barbara Shaw after they voted in favor of the teachers union contract that covered Ludwig’s wife and Gamache’s and Shaw’s daughters.  At the time, both Ludwig and Shaw admitted the charter prevented them from voting because of the defined conflicts of interest, but they said they decided they could vote on the contract because they didn’t agree with the charter.

We’ve uploaded the letter to Gaudet with this news read at Girard at Large dot com.  We’ve also uploaded Gaudet’s complaint.

Ignatius: Followed the law

The Carroll County Superior Court has struck a blow against the forces of secrecy and darkness in government in a ruling that brought joy to those who crusade for the citizenry’s Right to Know in this state.  The court struck down the town of Tuftonboro’s, move to charge fifteen cents per page to redact emails provided electronically.  Judge Amy Ignatius ruled that redacting emails electronically does not substantively change their format nor does it incur actual costs that can be charged.  The town had  sought to be reimbursed for the time it takes employees to redact the emails, but they provided no evidence of other expenses.

Judge: Agencies can’t charge for labor

Tuftonboro took two of its residents to court to ask it to declare whether the town could charge for redacted records.  Since the citizens had to respond to the preemptive lawsuit by hiring a lawyer, they sought help from supporters.  The town sought details about those supporters, but the court denied that request.  The town has  until September 7th, to appeal.  We’ve linked to the court’s decision from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

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