(Hours 3b,c) Rich talked to Superintendent Bolgen Vargas for Is Our Children Learning.  Rich asked Dr. Vargas about what he identified as the big issues in the Queen City since he took the office.  They spoke about class sizes, addressing high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools, and the Superintendent discussed improving student achievement.  Finally, Superintendent Vargas shared his plans for Manchester to be the best urban district in New England and in the country.  Tune in to get the details!


(Hour 3c) Rich opened the final segment of the day by asking Superintendent Vargas if the efforts to reduce class sizes at elementary schools and increase course offerings at middle schools would be possible without the $2 million that the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved.  They then talked about an overhaul to the city’s assessment scheme, middle school health classes, upcoming segment topics and more.