Nancy Tessier

(Hours 1b,c,2a,b) Rich talked about the Manchester Public Television’s posting of the whole discussion that took place at the Board of School Committee meeting in which Manchester School Board member Nancy Tessier’s breach of confidentiality was discussed.  He then expressed his opinion that the leak was a deliberate move and more.  Tune in to get the details.


(Hour 1c) In this segment Rich played the audio that was discussed in the previous segment.  Enjoy!

Click here to view the video (Start at 31:00)

(Hour 2a) As Rich continued on topic he talked about the question that Art Beaudry brought up concerning whether or not Tessier should have voted.  

(Hour 2b) Rich shared about comments made by Board members in regards to the vote.  He then  took a call from Ward 6 School Board candidate Jon DiPietro, who commented on a statement made by Board member Sarah Ambrogi.