Ward 3 Manchester, NH Alderman Pat Long lost a seat on that board by just seven votes out of over a thousand cast. That is a close race.

I wonder if Pat Long has any second thoughts about elections and “one man one vote” now that he has time on his hands?

Naile and Long discuss voter fraud

It wasn’t that long ago Alderman Long was interviewing me on Girardatlarge.com Radio. The subject of voter fraud came up and we discussed it in detail. Being that I was with Project Veritas during the 2016 NH Presidential Primary when Alderman long was working as a ballot clerk. He was captured on the Veritas tape explaining to a potential voter, a Veritas journalist with a hidden camera, how little identification was needed to vote. He was not pleased about that and let me know.

The interesting part of our interview was when he said he didn’t get credit for questioning about 12-13 young voters from Rindge, a town about 40 miles away and home to Franklin Peirce Law School, who were attempting to vote in his Manchester Ward. When he asked out loud how many other people were from Rindge like the young potential voter who gave a Rindge address to him – they skeedaddled.

http://www.girardatlarge.com/2016/08/making-the-case-for-voter-fraud-investigation/ at 6:45

Alderman Long didn’t get any names or license plates that day so off they go, possibly to Nashua? That is the way it seems to work in NH from my observations.

So, Alderman Long has had a glimpse of how NH elections work from both sides of the issue. I don’t expect him to be upset, no pun intended, but he has joined the ranks of a former US Senator who lost by 1,017 votes in an election that had 5,500 non-domiciled voters taking part.

“I told ya so” doesn’t work in elections. You have to catch voter fraud on the spot or document and prosecute those who organize it and participate in it.

NH has yet to do that – so it will get worse.