Lately the NH Governor has teamed up with Democrats to promote some pretty questionable legislation. We refer you to his press conference of October 30, 2019.

What the Governor is doing with this bi-partisan housing mitigation plan, whether he knows it or not, is implementing part of a larger, internationally-bred plan that seeks to equalize the world’s populations through what it calls “Sustainable Development Goals”. You may have heard legislators such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and others talk about the ‘Green New Deal’ which is all part of it as well.

Some of the goals and what they mean in brackets:

– All small towns are to be absorbed into, or connected to, a “mega-city” which will be the seat of their government. [No more town meetings or local control when it comes to housing decisions. This is being sold to planners by the regionalists (known in NH as RPCs) as something desirable and healthy. It’s being called “new urbanism” and out of state planning companies are hired to rework NH’s master plans to reflect these goals.]

– All future developments should be in the style of compact housing, and future development in rural areas is to be discouraged. [Single-family zoning is already being outlawed in some states.]

– Owning cars is discouraged and instead, massively expensive and unsustainable transit systems are being proposed along with ‘transit-oriented development’ that consists of expensive, stack’n’pack housing near the train stops. [US Rep. Annie Kuster just made an announcement regarding transit and Sununu failed to veto SB 241 which opened the door for commuter rail, and these artificially created clusters of housing.]

– No longer can small towns grow organically into upscale enclaves — each town must be forced to integrate its population with regard to gender, age, ethnicity, and especially economic status, and be forced to include more of some demographics that may be lacking. [Think of it as one big Boston busing project. We know of no town that discriminates against any such group, but this plan would force towns to equalize artificially on that basis. Notice that rural and/or upscale towns like Bedford, Rindge, and Marlow are the first ones to be targeted.]

What is this plan called? UN Agenda 21/2030 which was cooked up in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and even though signed onto by Bush 41, has been pooh-poohed ever since then as a ‘conspiracy theory’. Tell me please, what ‘conspiracy theory’ has thousands of pages devoted to it on the United Nation’s website? Don’t take my word for it, LOOK IT UP. In fact, I invite you to look up everything you read in this article.

The UN Agenda 21/2030 wants everyone to be integrated with regard to race, gender, age, income, and housing. They want everyone to live in compact cities, give up their cars, and walk everywhere. What way to control the population, eh?

The excuse for the need for this is of course, ‘global warming’, or ‘climate change’. Are you beginning to understand the reason for things that are happening that just don’t seem right?

In addition to this forced housing plan of the Governor’s, along with his lack of refusal to let NH be a center for refugee resettlement, and his failure to disallow the commuter rail boondoggle to move forward by vetoing SB 241, taxes will escalate and the character of NH and the ‘NH Advantage’ will suffer. NH will never be the same coveted place to live it has been.

How could Sununu, a Republican, sell us out to the UN’s SDGs?

And you thought you were safe.

Image: Some cities have embraced this philosophy already. In NH some cities are part of ICLEI. Pictured above is a banner showing the connection between the Green New Deal and Agenda 2030 from Ithaca, NY.