436 Walnut St. Voter Fraud Nest

Are we looking at a voter fraud nest at 436 Walnut St. in Manchester?

So, who holds the lease?  A second-floor apartment rented for less than a year, during a critical time in a General Election in New Hampshire.  Who does that?

We have three non-related, transient campaign workers who have an extremely short lease on an apartment.  All three are working on political campaigns in NH that end November 2, 2000. That is the same month the lease runs out.  Read about them here:

Kate McMurray

Vedika Gopal

Lavanya Prabhakar

There are three cars associated with the campaign workers parked in front of the short-term lease; all are registered out-of-state.  One has expired Massachusetts plates.

All three campaign workers used 436 Walnut St. to vote in Manchester Ward 1.  Those votes are cast, no way to retrieve them.

Supporters of non-resident voting claim the campaign workers have a right to vote in NH because they are here in person, which is nonsensical.  Facts are needed to make the case for citizenship and the transient campaign workers have only one action linking them with a New Hampshire domicile – they voted here.

Back to the lease.

Are we to believe three transient Democrat campaign workers got together and sought out a lease of an apartment for a maximum 11 months?  They agree to pay $1,650 a month and maybe a security deposit so they have a place to stay while they all work on campaigns in the state.  Those campaign jobs must pay well.  We will find out when campaign records are available.

If the three short term lease campaign workers are living in this rental unit and some other person or entity is paying for it, then they have zero basis for any argument for possessing a NH domicile; and no right to vote in NH.  

No one can make a person stay in a municipality simply because they voted there, NEWBURGER.V. PETERSON, NH 1972.

On the other hand.  Anyone voting in NH has some simple obligations – while they are here.  Or, while they are “establishing a presence,” if you want to use a non-definable term.  Otherwise, they have stolen the vote of a lawful citizen.

But it gets better than that.

Legacki: Vote thief

When a transient campaign worker like, Caitlin Anne Legaki, who worked for US Sen. Shaheen in NH, then North Carolina US Sen. Hagan, then Missouri US Sen. McCaskill, left NH in 2008 her name stayed on the Manchester checklist.

Two election cycles later, her name was checked off by an election worker during a NH General Election – though she clearly voted in MO. while working for US Sen. McCaskill. 

Voter fraud.  The gift that keeps on giving.