The most important thing about this “election” is having the public understand and accept the fact that coordinated voter fraud in this country has been going on for a long time.   It is now out in the open as the Democrats desperately try and beat back the Red Wave that is going to strip them of their socialist momentum.

Voter fraud on a grand scale is real.  The players have been in power for a long time and are the same people who citizens of all states depend on for honest elections.

Every dirty trick being used by Democrats to steal this election – is an old trick!

Transposing numbers, adding illegal ballots by any means, keeping poll watchers out of the crime scene, announcing faked numbers to a willing press to report, mail fraud and voter intimidation are all well rehearsed.

Trump:  Fighting Fraud

But they never counted on the tenacity of President Donald J. Trump.

In the past when the media declared their favorite candidate has won the exit polls and the elections, Republican candidates tucked tail and accepted it.  Many “Republicans” would urge cheated candidates to accept their fate.  We are seeing who those fake Republicans are right now.  You need only take a casual look.  The GOP Big Tent has, for decades, gleefully accepted outright traitors.

The genius of President Trump is his ability to define and target opponents.  Remember the name he had for his friends in the press – Fake News.  That moniker stuck like tar because it is true.  No long explanation necessary.

President Trump has the ability to paste the guilty parties in our country’s organized and professional voter fraud with a similar label and wake up the voters who have been sold on the lie that voter fraud is a myth.

The timing is right.  The patriots in this country are in place.  Millions are watching in real time.

Pray this evil is stomped out.  The fake impeachment leftists had ginned up since day one of President Trump’s administration was nothing compared to the fight he is engaged in right now.