Back in 2008 and 2012 there was a Democrat boiler room operation at 1200 Elm St. in Manchester, NH.  Multiple units were rented by someone for around $1,200 a month.

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers got a tip about the place and started looking into it.

Unit #402 looked interesting.  It appears Unit #402 was rented by a long time Manchester resident.  But the other occupants seemed out of place.  This pattern was repeated throughout the property.

At the time, I used the names of many of the 1200 Elm occupants on Girard at Large in the Morning, as well as other radio programs and blogs like our own and GraniteGrok. Concord Patch has done a bang up job as well.

Back to Unit# 402.

One person, not domiciled in NH, but who was simply working on a campaign in our state, was Stephanie Cutter of Precision Strategies

Stephanie was a big deal on talk shows back then but a bit flakey, to say the least, and she did not last long.

Caitlin Ann Legacki

In 2008 Caitlin Anne Legaki voted from Unit #402. We will get back to this Precision Strategies interstate voter in another article. She is complicated and still has a NH connection.

The most interesting #402, 2012 non-resident voter is Kate Bedingfield.  (Pictured above.).  Does she sound familiar?  She is now the White House Communications Director.

Another flakey “strategist” who argues Republicans filling an open Supra seat is “court packing.”

These out-of-state, never domiciled voters, watered down YOUR legal NH vote and were never charged with voter fraud like the recent 2020 indictment of Mary Kate Lowndes. Lowndes used an address of a shopping center in 2016 and 2018 to vote in NH. Using a shopping center address is no different than using an apartment number that is not your legal domicile – to steal a vote. Suddenly, in 2020 the NH AG’s Office seems to understand this.

MaryKate Lowndes

If you want to listen to two segments of Rich Girard’s show on voter fraud, both are still relevant and expose the players in NH voter fraud who have gone on to work in national politics.

The Elections Unit of the NH AG’s Office has failed to investigate and prosecute any of these out-of-state voters for 20 years.

Is it because they did not want to hurt the careers of up and coming Democrat activists?

Sure looks like it.

Publisher’s Note:  To learn about other Democratic campaign workers who’ve not lived here but voted here, click here.  You might be VERY surprised by who some of them are and where they’ve ended up.  More proof that people who aren’t citizens here are voting here, depriving legal residents of their true voice.