Where Did Our Three New Manchester Voters Go?

How about that voter fraud nest at 436 Walnut St. in Manchester?  The second-floor apt. rented from February 2020 through November 2020?  Three cars:  two with MA plates, one with New York plates, were parked outside most of that time.  

Kate McMurray

Lavanya Prabhakar

Vedika Gopal

We know from past posts at that the three young ladies staying there,  Kate McMurray, Lavanya Prabhakar and Vedika Gopalwere working on NH Democrat political campaigns.  They packed up and left in late November, never registering their vehicles, as any new resident of NH is required to do by law. That fact goes to intent.

You can’t force a new voter to stay but you can require them to follow the law while they are here.  How is that for a novel approach to clean elections?

Did they have any connection to NH other than campaigning against state senators Gary Daniels and Ruth Ward (two of my favorites)  or helping other Democrat candidates or elected officials, like Sen. Jeanne Shaheen?

It would be hard to tell if they simply relocated inside NH but these returned registered letters designated “unable to forward” letters were sent to them at 436 Walnut.  It took many weeks, but they finally came back.  

The three out of state campaign workers all voted in Manchester using 436 Walnut St. as their domicile, which it clearly is not and was not.

They voted by absentee ballot in – October.

The State of NH Attorney General’s Election Unit received an official complaint on each one and responded to Rich Girard, the complainant and former elected official in Manchester on November 2, 2020 and, for some reason, copied me.

How long will these out-of-state voters remain on the Manchester checklist?

Anyone could use their address to vote in the next election.  We have caught that trick before.  NH has zero voter ID so it is easy.  Each election cycle adds hundreds of voters just like these non-residents.

We will keep track of them and see what campaign they land in next.

In the meantime, we’ll let you know if we get any response from the NH AG’s Election Unit this decade.  Not to worry, we’ll be sending this information along to help their investigation.