For Immediate Release

MANCHESTER, NH  July 1, 2021–Manchester mayoral candidate Rich Girard (R-Ward 2) released the following statement today announcing his action plan to address the city’s sky high crime rates and ongoing threats to quality of life in neighborhoods across the city.  Girard has previously released plans to save the city’s faltering schools, increase housing supply, crack down on homeless vagrancy and deal with illegally operating “sober living facilities.”

“Manchester’s crime rates are alarmingly high and it is devastating neighborhoods across the city.  What’s worse is that so much of the crime problem is self-inflicted.  To make Manchester safe again, we need a new mayor!  We have to take action on a number of fronts, not the least of which is making the changes needed to stop attracting criminal elements to the city.  As mayor, I’m committed to acting decisively on all the items proposed to crush the crime wave that’s drowned neighborhoods all over the city on Mayor Joyce Craig’s watch.”

Click here to read the plan.