For Immediate Release

Manchester Must Retain and Attract Middle Class Families

MANCHESTER, NH  July 8, 2021–“One of Manchester’s unspoken struggles is its growing failure to retain and attract Middle Class families.  The city will continue to deteriorate if this failure isn’t turned around.  In announcing my Community and Economic Development Plan to Rebuild Manchester’s Middle Class, I continue with the theme of making our city desirable for Middle Class families; a theme that is woven through all of the initiatives I’ve announced thus far, including my plans to:

  • Aggressively address the homeless vagrancy problem that’s exploded under Mayor Joyce Craig
  • Create the Manchester Educational Marketplace which is needed, now more than ever, as student proficiency scores continue to crater under this mayor and the state will now provide state education aid directly to low and moderate income families looking for alternatives to the their children’s failing schools.
  • Enable the building of more housing, not this mayor’s expansion of government in the marketplace
  • Improve our quality of life by Reducing Crime and Protecting Neighborhoods, that have suffered because of this mayor’s neglect

“My plan also directly confronts Manchester’s self-defeating and largely deserved reputation as unfriendly to business.

“As with my answers to our other problems, there’s a healthy dose of common sense, some creative thinking born of my extensive experience and a lot of good ol’ fashioned hard work to get the job done.  I’m confident that these are challenges that will lead to our city’s improvement as we overcome them, which we must do if we are to break the cycle of urban decline that has us and our city in its grip!”

Click here to read Rich’s Community and Economic Development Plan to Rebuild Manchester’s Middle Class.