For Immediate Release


MANCHESTER, NH  July 19, 2021–“Today, as the citizens are faced with an unparalleled spending binge and a charter amendment that would give the school board the authority appropriate its own budget and send taxpayers the bill for their spending, I am pleased to release the endorsements of people who’ve led the Republican Party and are now the top taxpayer watchdogs in our city and state.

“As detailed in my plan to hold the line on spending and taxes, city and school operations spending has outstripped the big jumps in property taxes and fees since Joyce Craig became mayor.  Because Craig and a majority of Democrats on the board have used one time money to grow ongoing expenses, we’ll soon be dealing with a more than $30 million budget shortfall.  That these party and taxpayer leaders are coming forward now to support my campaign underscores the reality that Manchester needs a mayor who not only understands this stuff but has a proven ability to fix it.  I am honored that they see me as that mayor and humbly accept and thank them for their support.”

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Concerned Taxpayers of Manchester Chairman Jim Gaudet

Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Chairman Ed Naile

Former Manchester Republican Committee Chairman Jerry Thibodeau

Former Manchester Republican Committee Chairman Jeff Frost

The campaign previously released endorsements from: