A friend relayed this to me about the state of the nation’s present leadership:
“Got to be some serious house cleaning in the military, DOJ and FBI. And Pelosi needs to be impeached or indicted. And we need term limits and publicly financed campaigns.”
Everything stated by him is exactly what core Dems said about Trump’s term… the beat goes on. It is a play on the deck of the Titanic to keep us from noticing the ship is sinking.
Yet no matter who’s in charge the deficit grows and grows. It is a barometer of power-grabbing and climbing that requires ever more “takings” of income and now wealth or product from the citizens. The individual’s “Pursuit of Happiness” is supplanted towards keeping those in power- in power.
We have 2 parties that all promise us something, both have dipped into the well of national wealth to get elected and try to be the “Single Party” directorate.
The only way out of it, Washington, DC believes, is a dynamic shift away from the reward system of capitalism and into printed money from above- ie Big Daddy. It can not last, drunken sailors on leave spending their last dollar comes to mind.
We are moving quickly toward some sort of enforced system of control like Marist socialism which we all know ends in bankruptcy. IE – most of South America, USSR, Africa, and Rome (its army-power, like the USSR, was not the problem bankrupt policies and leadership was.) 
The way to take care of people via principles of governing and provide the best chances for them is to let them take care of themselves. Once you take away that reality of true freedom to fail or succeed – incentive, responsibility, creativity, and hope are squashed and dependency kills productivity. It finds an ending eventually.
Or we bite the bullet and amend the constitution to a truly balanced budget requirement only to be broken if our actual 4 borders here in the US are attacked. Many countries have deleveraged themselves. New Zealand recently comes to mind. Chile had to start over completely in the mid-70s, climbed back to success, and yet has devolved back into a broken central spending socialistic government failing again.
Former Argentina citizens here have great fears because Dems, RINOs, and the Deep State (government-employed dependents) so much remind them why they left their homes to come here. They are so sad.
I once interview Arlen Specter, R- US-PA Sen. His family realized the same picture and left Germany in the late thirties. My hair is standing up on the back of my neck these days and I wake up every morning, too early, worrying about the “state of the state”. My # one question each day is- stay or leave before they (the Federal “Sovereign State”) pen us in and we can’t take what is left of our small Wagon train of processions/money with us. 
In Aug 1972 I got off a bus and fell into a country, Chile, governed under Salvador Allende:
” He was the first  Marxist  to be elected president in a  liberal democracy  in  Latin America . [8] [9 Allende’s involvement in  Chilean politics  spanned a period of nearly forty years , having covered the posts of a senatordeputy , and  cabinet minister . As a life-long committed member of the  Socialist Party of Chile , whose foundation he had actively contributed to, he unsuccessfully ran for the national presidency in 19521958 , and  1964 elections.(Wikipedia).
His BIO is Biden’s BIO/administration.  Scary coincidence, or not really, and just a repeat of history- probably.
So many years of Marxist Socialism and Chile was on its last breath and broken when I got there to begin ski training. Poverty-stricken kids scavenging in the streets of Santiago came up for food I was eating, a croissant, I gave a boy the half I had left, tanks with military personnel all around, riots, secret police, and black-market money devaluing the official currency by 5 or more. Inflation which, then. made the American dollar super valuable. It left an indelible impression, one I thought would never be a case study here in the USA. I have less hope every day now it won’t.
Then in the military, I was schooled and briefed on the USSR system and watched it too crash hard. UP UNTIL NOW I never thought my country would fall down that rabbit hole. It is rapidly and the Dems are doing everything they can to make it happen. One party one dictate is the Marxist way. Who will win that throne?
When the Republicans were in full power, rare, they did little to correct the ship- IE.. balanced budgets, decentralize/de-socialize power, deregulate, or an amendment to force budget control, instead they moved more and more left to pander to the demand of the caretaking and weak mindset expected here by too many and growing…. big brother became Big Daddy/Mommy dependence.
It gets people elected to spend other people’s money which they run out of eventually.
Soon now with this Biden administration, we will be over the cliff. Trump was good on policies but one big one- Deficit spending. His one big disappointment for me. In the last 100 years, we have balanced the budget once under Nixon (1969).
Perot was vilified by both parties for raising the issue and ignored in 1990. Kasich claims he did balance our federal budget but the SSN surplus was borrowed. It is like a bad Corporate Ponzi scheme that used workers’ retirement funds to borrow for a failing business going over the cliff into bankruptcy. Bod Dole claimed he “fixed” Social Security by almost doubling what it took out of your paycheck. A government Ponzi scheme where more and more is needed from the “investors” – you to pay those collecting off the fund! It has been predicted to go bust by 2033.        
I was lucky I was just an observer in Chile and never had to go to war against Russia- it collapsed from within. Today our political war is right now, it is here in our streets and hearts and minds, either it ends back to the original Constitutional principles laid out by our Declaration or it ends like above.
Either we pack our bags while we still can or we get organized and get Republicans like DeSantis (a refined Better Trump) in all houses of government and as a majority (McConnel must go- he is the other side of a Pelosi coin) or we sit here to watch as it crashes. 
Either we are Pawns or Knights. I consider myself a Knight of the Constitution that says “we the people” make our destiny, not DC – let me know, do you?
Thank You,

Jeff Frost
738 West Shore Road
Alexandria, NH 03222